What is the Email Archive tool?

The Email Archive tool allows site managers to specify an alias email address that essentially serves as a listserv for the site. By default, email you send to the site email address is copied to the email addresses of all site participants and owners. All email messages sent to your site's email address are stored in the Email Archive. You can use any email program to send mail to the email address listed at the top of your Email Archive page. The Email tool includes an option for adding messages to the Email Archive.

Site members can use Preferences in their Home page to choose how often they want to receive email sent to the site's email address: either separately as it is sent or in digest mode, with all email messages for the day sent in a single email message.

Note: You cannot use Email Archive to send mail to particular individuals. To send messages to individual participants or a group, use either the Messages tool (for internal course mail) or the Email tool (for external institutional mail).

Go to Email Archive

Select the Email Archive tool from the Tool Menu of your site.