What is Gradebook?

The Gradebook allows instructors to do the following:

  • Enter grades and comments in an easy-to-use spreadsheet view.
  • Auto-calculate course grades, with the ability to override any course grade.
  • Define course letter grades and grading schema.
  • Choose between point- or percentage-based grading.
  • Add Gradebook items for manually graded or offline activities.
  • Collect and display scores from tools such as Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums.
  • Restrict permissions so Teaching Assistants can only grade specific rosters or groups of students.
  • Import grades from a spreadsheet (CSV) file.
  • Export grades as a spreadsheet (CSV) file.
  • Create extra credit items and/or categories.
  • Organize grades into categories, and use categories to do the following:
    • Assign a weight to the category,
    • Automatically drop grades in a specific category.
  • Export a printer-friendly (PDF) version of individual student grades.

Students can view their own grades and comments in the Gradebook.  

To access this tool, select Gradebook from the Tool Menu of your site.

Gradebook Tool Main Page (Instructor View)

The instructor view of Gradebook (Grades screen) displays the following:

  1. Add Gradebook Item: Add new items.
  2. All Sections/Groups: Select to display students in a specific roster or group.
  3. Filter students: Search for students by name or user ID.
  4. View Columns: Show or hide Gradebook columns.
  5. Item Order: View and organize all Gradebook items in one screen.
  6. Group By Category: View by group if categories were added in the Settings.
  7. Bulk Edit: Select several items to release to students or include in grade calculations at once.
  8. Students: View the list of students ordered by first or last name.
  9. Course Grade: View currently calculated course grade.
  10. Gradebook items: Items including grades that have been entered, and Comments icons to display comments,
  11. Category Title: If items are grouped by category, the category is shown as a separate column.
  12. Category average: The average for items in a category.

Note: If a gradebook has categories, but items have not yet been assigned to a category, these items will display under the title Uncategorized.

Gradebook Tool Main Page (Student View)

The student view of Gradebook (Grade Report) includes the following:

  1. A Print button
  2. Course Grade if released to students
  3. Display options, only if categories exist:
    • Group by Category
    • Expand All: Show items in all categories
    • Collapse All: Hide items in all categories to only display category averages
  4. Gradebook items, with options to sort by Grade, Due Date, or instructor Comments