What are Aliases?

The Alias service supports the mapping of alias strings to a target. This is useful when things like sites have a long, cryptic name (such as a GUID).

For example, a Sakai alias can be used instead of the site id when emailing to the site test@sakai.edu rather than 6ade75f9-aeef-4338-80ae-62e391045975@sakai.edu.

It can also be used in place of the site id for access URLs, such as /access/content/group/test instead of /access/content/group/6ade75f9-aeef-4338-80ae-62e391045975.

The Aliases admin tool provides methods to get the target of aliases in the system, create new ones, edit them and delete them.

To access this tool, select Aliases from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.