How do I set a shopping period?

Go to Delegated Access tool

Select the Delegated Access too from the Tool Menu.

Go to shopping period settings

Click the Shopping Admin button.

Note: You must have Shopping Admin access in order to see this option.

Select hierarchy nodes

Click on the root node and continue expanding nodes to select the appropriate node(s) and/or site(s). If you want to configure a single shopping period for all sites in your Sakai instance, you can skip this step.

Important Notes:

  • Settings you select for a node will apply to all its "child" (lower-level) nodes, but not to any other nodes at the same level in the hierarchy. You can always override settings that a lower-level node inherits from a higher node.
  • While you can select multiple nodes and sites, you will have to configure a shopping period for each node/site separately.
  • Keep in mind that you can only choose a single site role for a particular node. Be sure to confirm that all sites in a node include the role you select.

Set shopping role and duration

  1. Choose site role for shoppers.
  2. Provide start/end date.

Set tool access

  1. Click the Show Tools link for the shopping period.
  2. Select the appropriate tool(s) for non-authorized ("Public") and/or authorized ("Logged In") users.
  3. Click Done.  

Set advanced options

Optionally, set advanced options for the shopping period.

  1. Click the Advanced link for the shopping period.
  2. Select Disable Instructor Override to prevent a site maintainer from overriding shopping period access for a site.
  3. Select Disable "Public" option to prevent a site maintainer from making a site public.
  4. Click Done.

Save your work

Once you have configured all settings, click Save.