How do I send messages to the Email Archive?

Note: You cannot use Email Archive to send mail to particular individuals. To send messages to individual participants or a group, use either the Messages tool (for internal course mail) or the Email tool (for external institutional mail).

Go to Email Archive.

Select the Email Archive tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Locate the email address for sending messages to the archive.

  1. Above the site address, you'll see a message telling you if you are authorized to send email. If this site is set up to accept mail only from site participants, you will also see the address from which you are authorized to send email; use this email account to send messages to the site address.
  2. Under "Email sent to the following addresses will be archived and sent to participants:" you'll see the site email address. Send email to your site's Email Archive address from your email account just as you would to any other email address.

If you are not authorized to send mail, you will see the following message instead.