How do I send a message?

Go to Messages.

Select the Messages tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Compose Message.

Select Compose Message from the options at the top of the tool.

Address your message.

Click the To field to expand the course member list. Select the member of the course that you wish to address. You can repeat this step to address your message to multiple recipients.

Tip: You can address a message to all members assigned to a specific role by selecting that role from the list. For example, you can send a message to all instructors by selecting "Instructor Role."

Add Bcc. (Optional)

If you would like to blind copy recipients on the message, click the Add Bcc link to expand this option, and then click in the Bcc address field to select recipients from the list of site participants.

Tip: The Bcc option allows you to send a message to multiple people without the recipients being able to see the other people addressed in the message. Faculty often use this option when emailing groups of students about grade-related issues in order to protect the students' privacy and FERPA rights.

Send Cc. (Optional)

If you would like to send a copy the recipient's external email address, check the box for Send a copy of this message to recipients' email address(es).

Apply a label.

You may apply a label from the drop-down menu to indicate the priority of your message. The default label is Normal. You may change it to Low or High if desired.

Enter a subject.

Click the Subject field. Type the subject for your message.

Enter a message.

Type your message into the Message box.

Tip: There are a variety of tools within the Rich Text Editor to help you format your message. Other features include adding images, video, and emoticons.

Add an attachment. (Optional)

If you would like to attach a file to your message, click the Add attachments button to browse for and select your file.

Send the message.

Select Send to send your message.

Tip: You can also select Preview to preview a finished version of your message, Save Draft to save the message as a draft that you can revisit later, or Cancel to cancel and delete the message.