How do I import an individual site archive?

A site archive may be imported via the Site Archive tool in the Administration Workspace, or into an existing site via Worksite Setup.

Preparing an archive to be restored.

Unzip/uncompress the archive (depending on archive format) to a directory in $CATALINA_HOME/sakai/archive . This depends upon access to the server upon which Sakai is running. The "sakai" directory is the same directory that contains the properties file(s), typically or local .properties. "archive" is a subdirectory you need to create within the sakai directory.

Importing an archive via Site Archive.

Select the Site Archive tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Enter the import information and Import.

  1. Enter the top level directory name for the archive directory on the server. The location of the directory is mentioned above in "Preparing an archive to be restored". The typical pattern for the directory name is siteid-archive. Please use whatever the actual directory name is.
  2. Enter the site id for the destination site where the archive content will be copied. If the destination site id does not exist, a new site with the specified id will be created.
  3. Click Import.

Importing an archive via Worksite Setup

Select the Worksite Setup tool from the Tool Menu in either the Administration Workspace or My Workspace.

Click New.

Select Create site from archive.

Follow the series of prompts to create a new site.

After the last step in the site creation process, you will have the opportunity to upload an archive.

Click Choose File to browse for and select the archive file.