How do I edit user permissions in Delegated Access?

Go to Delegated Access tool.

Select Delegated Access from the Tool Menu of the Administration Workspace or in your own Home area.

Find and select user

  1. Click the Search by User button*
  2. Enter the user name or user ID and click Submit (or hit "enter" key).
  3. Click the Edit link for the user.

Tip: You can also search for a user by clicking the Search by Access button. See How do I search users in Delegated Access?  

Expand hierarchy nodes.

If you want to edit user permissions that apply to all sites in your Sakai instance, you can skip this step. Otherwise, click the Expand All Nodes link (or click the root node). Continue expanding nodes to access the appropriate node(s).

Note: Settings you select for a node will apply to all its "child" (lower-level) nodes, but not to any other nodes at the same level in the hierarchy. You can always override settings that a lower-level node inherits from a higher node.

Edit permissions.

For the appropriate node(s), make changes as appropriate.

Save changes.

Click Save. A "Successfully saved" message displays.