How do I define the default set of tools added to site on site creation?

The default tool suite (i.e. the tools added to a site on creation) is specified in the file toolOrder.xml file (located in the .../apache-tomcatxxx/sakai folder).

See the sample extract from the toolOrder.xml file for course sites below:

<toolOrder><category name="course">

<tool id=""/>

<tool id=""/>

<tool id="sakai.synoptic.announcement"/>

<tool id="home" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.announcements" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.schedule"/>

<tool id="sakai.syllabus"/>

<tool id="sakai.resources" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.lessonbuildertool" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.podcasts"/>

<tool id="sakai.rwiki"/>

     <tool id="sakai.poll"/>

<tool id="sakai.messagecenter"/>

<tool id="sakai.forums"/>

<tool id="sakai.messages"/>

<tool id="sakai.discussion"/>

<tool id="sakai.mailbox"/>

<tool id="" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.dropbox"/>

<tool id="sakai.assignment.grades" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.samigo"/>

<tool id="sakai.gradebookng" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.postem"/>

<tool id=""/>

<tool id="sakai.iframe"/>

<tool id="sakai.sections"/>

<tool id="" selected="true"/>

<tool id="" selected="true"/>

<tool id="sakai.siteinfo" selected="true" required="true"/>

</category><category name="project">


The tools which include selected="true" will be selected by default when the person creating the site is on the Site Info > Edit Tools > Course Site Tools screen.

The tools which include required="true", such as Site Info, are mandatory tools. The user will not be able to de-select them on the Site Info > Edit Tools > Course Site Tools screen.

If your instance of Sakai uses different site types (project, collaboration etc.), each site type can its own section in the toolOrder file.