How do I create a hot spot question?

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select an assessment.

Questions may be added to any assessment. Select an existing assessment or create a new one.

Note: You may also add a question directly to a question pool.

Create a New Assessment.

Click Add.

For more information on creating new assessments, see How do I create an assessment?

Or edit an existing assessment.

Select Hot Spot from drop-down menu.

After selecting Hot Spot from the drop-down menu, the program will open additional options for the question.

Set the point value for the question.

Enter the point value for this question. Questions may be worth any point value you choose.

Tip: Keep in mind that the point value of all the questions in the assessment will equal the point value of the assessment in the Gradebook. So if you want your assessment to be worth a total of 100 points, you should assign point values to your questions accordingly.

Display points?

Do you want students to see the point value as they are taking the test? If so, leave the default setting of Yes. If you prefer that students do not see the point value for the question, select No.

Extra Credit. (Optional)

Selecting this option lets you mark a question as extra credit. This means that the points awarded for this question are not counted as part of the "total points" for the assessment and there are no points deducted for skipping this question or answering incorrectly. However, users answering correctly will receive the question point value added on top of their total points earned in the assessment.

Add Question Text.

Note: To edit with the Rich Text Editor, click the hyperlink to open the full menu.

Add attachment. (Optional)

Click Add Attachments to browse for and select a file attachment if desired.

Note: The Add Attachments area is NOT for uploading the question’s hot spot image. You may, however, use this upload area to add files relevant to the question.

Click Choose File.

Click Choose File, and then browse your computer for the desired image and select Open.

Note: It is recommended that hot spot images not exceed 600px in width. You must edit the image’s size before uploading.

Upload the file.

Once the desired image has been selected:

  1. Provide an alternative text description of the image.
  2. Click Upload.  

Note: To override this uploaded image with a different image, select the Choose File button again to locate another file.

View image.

Set up the image hot spots.

Once you have uploaded a hot spot image, you may begin adding the items you will want students to identify within the image.

Next to Item 1, enter a description.

This description you enter here will be the prompt that appears to students.

Select the + icon to add additional hot spot items. (Optional)

If you wish to have students identify more than one item within the image, use the + Add Item option to add and label additional items.

Note: You may remove additional items by selecting the - icon next to the item description. Item 1 is not removable.

Specify the zone for each item.

Once the desired number of items have been created, you may associate them with a specific region within the uploaded image. Select the button to the left of the description before drawing the item zone. When the button is green, you are working on that item.

Within the image, click and drag to create a hot spot zone for the highlighted item. When students click anywhere within this zone, they will have successfully selected the selected item.

Note: Ensure that the hot spot zone’s number (indicated in the upper right of the zone) correlates to the correct item in the list above. You may re-do the zone selection by clicking and dragging again.

Allow partial credit.

By default, if you have multiple hot spot items within your question, partial credit is enabled.  If a question is worth 10 points and a student only correctly identifies 1 out of 2 possible hot spot items, they will receive credit for 5 points. You may disable this option by selecting No for Allow Partial Credit.

Assign to part. (Optional)

If you have multiple parts in your assessment, you may assign the question to a different part.

Assign to pool. (Optional)

If you have an existing question pool and would like to copy this question to the pool, select the pool name here.

Add feedback for correct answer and/or incorrect answer. (Optional)

Feedback is optional text available for the student to review after the particular question is graded. For numeric response questions, the feedback option is offered for correct and/or incorrect answers, if desired.

Note: To edit with the Rich-Text Editor, click the hyperlink to open the full menu.

Click Save.

Click Save to save the question (or Cancel to exit).