How do I create a banner system message?

Banner alerts, similar to notification banners in mobile operating systems, appear at the top of the user interface and are designed for delivering simple and concise information to users. These alerts can be pushed to all users or a targeted subset of users. Furthermore, banner alerts can be delivered on all servers of a Sakai instance or to only selected servers. There are three different types of banners in the PA System, color-coded by alert priority:

  • Blue (Low priority) - can be dismissed by the user
  • Yellow (Medium priority) - can be hidden (minimized) by the user
  • Red (High priority) - can be neither dismissed nor hidden by the user

Go to PA System.

Select the PA System tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Click Create Banner.

Enter the banner information.

  1. Message: This is the text that will display in the banner across the top of the screen.
  2. Type: Choose the type of priority for the message. High priority messages display in red and cannot be hidden or dismissed by users. Medium priority message display in green and can be hidden by users. Low priority message display in blue and can be dismissed by users.
  3. Active: Check this box to indicate that the banner message is active. This may be used as an alternative to setting start and end dates if you plan to enable/disable the message manually.
  4. Start Time: This is the date and time when the banner message becomes visible to users.
  5. End Time: This is the date and time when the banner message is not longer displayed to users.
  6. Hosts: If you would like to limit the banner message to specific servers, you may enter the host information here.
  7. When you have entered all of the message information, click Save Banner to save your changes.

View banner message.

When active, the banner message will display at the top of the screen, as shown in the image above.